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How do I see possible total points?

In the Total column how do I see what the total possible points is?

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It would be very convenient for instructors to be able to see their total points possible for the majority of the class as it's meant to be, excluding special cases like dropped assignments and so on.  Canvas should make this denominator easier to see at a glance.  When designing a course, it is helpful to have several checkpoints where we can tell if we are proceeding according to plan, or if we've accidentally missed something.  The grade total is one of those checkpoints. For example, if I see it is set to 900 possible points, and I meant for there to be 1,000 possible points, then I know I've missed something somewhere.  I used the denominator feature a lot in Blackboard, and it was very helpful.  It was a simple hover over the total column.  I was dumbfounded when I saw that it doesn't exist in Canvas (without some difficult digging.)