How does one determine the parent course of a cross-listed course?

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We use course cross-listing a fair amount in our school district and once in a while as a Canvas admin I get into this predicament:

A mistake is made and one of our other admins cross-lists a Canvas course into a different parent course than desired, but doesn't notice the error. Later, usually a couple weeks into the term I'm asked "Why is nobody enrolled in this teacher's Canvas course? It looks fine in our student information system." I check our sync with our SIS and everything looks kosher, so I have to assume its been cross-listed incorrectly - and it usually is.

But so far I've been lucking in finding the parent course into which the Canvas course in question has been erroneously cross-listed, by checking the other courses in Canvas the teacher teaches.

But the parent course could be conceivably any Canvas course in the term. Does anyone know of a way to determine the parent course of a cross-listed course without all the hide and seek?


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Sorry, yeah, I tried it a different way and I see what you mean. Do you have the roster for the course? Could you try searching for a student instead and then tracking where that student is now located?

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