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How to Duplicate a Quiz

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Hi, I have a student that requires different quiz allotted time than the rest of the class due to disability. How do I create a duplicate of the quiz? That way I can assign the quiz with more allotted time only to that student... Thanks!

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The first solution in this thread is indeed the steps necessary to duplicate a quiz, long as they are.  However, that solution is not the solution to the original problem.  The better solution to the original problem (which is a very common issue) is in the second solution.  That is, to Moderate the quiz to allow that one student more time.

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Agreed, it should not be this hard. 

In my class, I want to give each student a different version of the test to deter cheating. The only difference being a download of a pdf file. (And more than just having some random numbers--actually a different questions.) I originally did this as a regular assignment, and I could use "duplicate" for that, then edit to include a different file. But I want to use Proctorio, which is not available for assignments, only for quizzes. But "duplicate" is not available for quizzes. I want to be sure that the Proctorio settings are the same for everyone. Plus for the next chapter's test, I want the same Proctorio settings, so I want to duplicate the test.

Canvas: Please let us duplicate quizzes and let us add Proctorio for other assignments!

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Sounds like you could use question banks and randomize which question the quiz picks. You have 25 PDFs, one per question, and then say that it pulls one question from that bank of 25 questions. It is not ensuring that every student gets a different one, but it could be! 

I found that after I create a quiz and add it to a Module, in the Module view, I can use the 3 dots to "copy to", which makes a duplicate.

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I think I found a way that works for me to duplicate a quiz (and also use it to create a quick variation for a make up exam) in Classic Quizzes.  


1) Import quiz you want to duplicate into a different course or sandbox

2) go to the sandbox (or where ever you imported it) and un-publish the imported quiz (not sure this step is necessary but I did so because I imported into a different course shell) but would definitely use my sandbox next time.

3) edit/change the name of duplicated quiz and quiz itself if desired

4) save

5) Go back to the course that you want the quiz to be in and Import it from your sandbox or where ever you moved it in step-1 (again using select content).

IMPORTANT: you must publish it in the sandbox (or where ever you have saved it) so that it imports back into the your desired course, I could not get Canvas to import unpublished quizzes. 

Note: when you import the copy back into the desired course, be sure and choose "only select content" this does mean that you will copy all the quizzes/exams into the other course, but I just quickly deleted those exam/quizzes that I didn't want but I do have the quiz that I duplicated and/or edited.  You can continue to edit it once you have imported it into your desired class.  I unpublished it until I wanted to use it again.

 Because I did my initial import into another current course shell rather than my sandbox, it is good to edit the name of the quiz perhaps to "template" or some meaningless name  so students in that class don't get confused if they see a notice show up in their messages.  Next time I will use absolutely use my sandbox for that initial import of step-1.

Hope this helps, it is maddening that a copy quiz function (in Classic doesn't exist); in New Quizzes, I believe that feature exists.   

Once I figured this out, I could do it fairly quickly.   

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That only works before any students take the quiz.  Once you have a grade, Canvas refuses to let you make an independent copy.  It would be nice if every teacher in my district were lock-step and able to ask for resources prior to me offering my quiz, but that is not realty.

Back to somebody else's comment, it should not be this hard.  We still do not have a solution.

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Thanks for this important explanation.

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10 steps to duplicate a quiz?  I want to duplicate 15 of them and I have to do 150 steps?  Ughhh

Good morning, @TaxAdjunct ...

Well, no...not exactly.  Even though the solution I gave almost three years ago still applies today, there are a couple things of note:

  1. I could have been more clear in step #10 to indicate that you can select more than one quiz at a time to duplicate.  So, in your case, it would not be 150 steps...but just 10 steps.  If you take a look at the screen shots provided in this Guide, How do I select specific content as part of a cour... - Instructure Community, you will see that you can select multiple items from any of the Canvas tools (Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, etc.) by clicking on the arrow to the left of the name (my Step #9).  Select all the quizzes you want to make a copy of within the same course, and you should be good to go.
  2. Since I had posted this, Instructure (the folks that make Canvas) added a "Copy to..." function that you can use instead of the Course Import Tool.  It may take a few extra minutes...because you copy each quiz individually....but it shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to make a copy of your 15 quizzes into the same course.  Again, during this process, you would select the same course that you are already in...if you want to make a duplicate of it.  I just tested this out in my own sandbox course, and it worked as expected.  How do I copy a quiz to another course? - Instructure Community  The third bullet point in the blue box indicates, "If you copy the same quiz to the same course more than once, the quiz you previously copied will be overwritten with the newly copied quiz."  But, I tried this a couple times...and it just created a copy of the quiz each time and did not overwrite my original quiz.  So, I have three quizzes in my sandbox course with the exact same name now.  Give it a try and see if that is your experience, too.  You might want to first try this in your school's "test" environment.  How do I access the Canvas test environment as an instructor?  and What is the Canvas test environment?   Or, if you have a sandbox course already, you could try the "Copy to..." function there instead of in an actual course.

I hope this info will be of some help to you.  Please let me know if you have any questions...thanks!

A slightly easier version of this is just to send the quiz to yourself using the 3 dot menu and then import it back into the same course using the shared content link in the account tab. You can then make changes to the imported quiz.