How to add multiple pictures in a pages file (neatly)

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I am an instructor trying to create a homepage which has multiple links to other pages. I want this to be visual however with images. However I have a slight problem in that the only way I can get the images to all be at the same level is using a table (see image) but ideally I dont want the lines of the table to be visible. Does anyone know a possible way of doing this please as everytime I have inserted an image without a table I can never get them to appear clean!

canvas q.PNG

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @emilycanvas 


You can easily edit the Canvas table to hide the grid lines. This guide will get you there, How do I insert a table using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?  or How do I insert a table using the New Rich Content Editor as a student? 

To support accessibility, be sure to include text with those images that clearly identify where the hyperlinks will take the users.

If you need more help, just holler!


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