How to do I efficiently add a group students to Assignments

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I have 504 students whom I do not assign a due date so I would type in their names under the "Assign to". However, this school year I have way too many students, and typing their names would take too long. I thought about creating a group with all my 504s and SPed but they would be able to see each other and that would be no good. Is there any other efficient way I could add a group of students to an assignment under the "Assign to" without a due date?

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Hi @EstebanOrtiz .

The way to do this is to create a Section for those students if your institution allows you to create sections. You would then be able to assign to that Section and "Everyone Else."

How do I add a section to a course as an instructor?

How do I edit sections for an enrollment in a course?

A drawback to creating a new section is that it might cause issues with syncing to an SIS. If you need to sync your grades to an SIS, you will want to check on that capability before adding any sections. Each system is different.

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