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I have to fill a online form where I asked to give my Canvas I'd (8 digit number). I can not find the ID. How cai I find this. 

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Hi @NirmallyaMitra 

If you have access to the People page in any of your Canvas courses, and if your school permits it to display on the People page, then you can find your ID there. Otherwise, you will need to contact your school for that information. Those of us in this Canvas community only have access to our own Canvas accounts and courses.

A word of caution, though, you should not be giving out ID numbers to anybody. Huge security risk!

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Canvas assigns a number to each user and this is called their Canvas ID. People very rarely ask for a Canvas ID and there is no guarantee that a Canvas ID will be 8 digits as they are always increasing as new users are added. However, the person asking for the code may look at it and just assume that they are all 8 digits long. The reason I say this is rarely used is that it is of no use to anyone outside of the Canvas software. People would be needing to access Canvas to make use of it. There is no reason for a typical user to memorize or need easy access to their Canvas ID.

Canvas does not display a user's Canvas ID, but it is not hard to find and it is available to everyone in your class. If you have access to the People page, then hover over your name and look at the link that appears (or click on the link and see where it takes you). The URL will end with /users/12345678 where 12345678 is the Canvas ID of the user. If you don't have access to the People page, then there are other ways to find the information, but I'm not going to post them here because chances are better that they're asking for something else.

A more common request is for your school student ID. This may be what you use to log into Canvas and this is what the person might have meant "The ID you use to log into Canvas" as opposed to "Your Canvas ID." Those could be guaranteed to be 8 characters. This is what Kelley is describing by going to the People page. There may be a column there called SIS ID. It is very unlikely to be there for students and its visibility to instructors is controlled by the institution so it may not even be there for instructors.

Depending on your institution, the student ID maybe protected information that shouldn't be shared, so make sure the form asking for it is legitimate.

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