How to hide Discussion forum responses from teachers if the students are Concluded in the course

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Is it possible to hide Discussion forum responses from Teachers if the students are Concluded in the course?

We have a course in our Canvas called Faculty 101 which is a training course for our faculty.

We have had many faculty take this course in the past few years, so the Discussion forums are getting too lengthy for the course Teachers to go through to identify new posts.

I thought I could fix this by Concluding the students who have completed the course. However, their posts still show up in the forum.

Note that I have full administrative access to Canvas.

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Hi @EvanDonovan 

Actually, I just did some more testing, and it looks like even deleting them from the course does not remove their discussion board replies! 

And I also tested and duplicated your results with setting the teachers to only be able to view folks from their section--I'd tested it with assignments/gradebook/etc., but hadn't actually tested it in the discussion board.  Sorry, it was an idea, but that's disappointing!

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