How to print student's completed quiz?

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One of our faculty needs a hardcopy of a student's exam results to talk with them about plagiarism.

I can see how to print just a quiz (no student interaction) from the Teacher perspective, but how to print the results of a quiz for an individual student, please?

Using "Save to PDF" or "Print Preview" only allows for one page at a time in both Chrome and Firefox.

Are quiz result pages purposefully made difficult to print?

Thank you for your help.

Bridget Irish

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The Evergreen State College

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From Speedgrader you are correct; it's difficult to print and I think it's due to how frames are used on the page.  Try this:

  • Go directly to the quiz
  • Click the Kabob icon and select Show Student Quiz Results
  • 300612_pastedImage_1.png
  • Click on the name of the student that you want to view the quiz from.  This view of the quiz should print correctly with the entire quiz and not just a single page.


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I was looking for something else about quizzes and saw your somewhat recent post.

you can try the chrome extension - go full page

There is also a javascript program that was written to print out the preview page of a classic quiz(not new quizzes).  I played around with it and modified it slightly so that you can go to moderate quiz and select the students quiz(or as I just found out for classic quizzes, look at student quiz results and select the quiz that way) and then print there quiz results.  Here is the canvas page on that:

I copied that user script and gave it a new name (in the header) and changed the include line in the header

from:  // @include https://**/quizzes/*/take?preview*

to:  // @include https://**/quizzes/*/history?quiz_submission_id=*

good luck


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