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How to remove NEW "Download" Icon/link?

Hello all you genius helpers!

Time-sensitive question:

A "new" icon/link for downloading embedded documents from a Canvas Page is suddenly appearing, and I am looking urgently to discover a way to disable or eliminate this item. We have copyright protected content we want students to view, but not download. (yes: they can find other more labor0inensive ways of copying content, but we don't want to make it quite so easy).

This is the icon/link I'd like very much to make go away:


We had come up with a way to hid download links and set an auto-open preview setting in HTML, but this is not working for this new icon and I can't get any info from Instructure on the source of this new "feature". Is it on their server? is there a setting in Admin we can control? No answers from instructure as of yet...

Many thanks in advance for help!


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I think you may find that these are an unintended consequence of the last update. We logged it as a bug. They seem to be showing where there are spaces at the end of links etc. I found editing links fixed it, but really I'm not going to do that for an entire institution. 


Thank you for your reply.

I've tested that out and so far no extra characters in the link. Is there anything you could expand on in your description that might help me understand what I might be overlooking?

Many thanks!

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Super annoyed with this! Please fix it. 

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Yes, we are facing this issue as well!

What we are trying to do is to see if we can hide the icon using our Global CSS / Theme setting in our Canvas instance. Not sure if it will work but will update here if it does -fingers crossed-

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Any updates to this issue?

We'd love to have a solution soon.


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If you have access to upload custom CSS/Javascript you can add the following to remove the download icon. However, users can always disable the custom script.



a.file_download_btn {
    display: none;



var elem = document.querySelector('.file_download_btn');

Another solution that we use at our school is flipbook. It converts PDF file to HTML5 and you have control whenever you want to allow viewers to download the file. The one that we use called fliphtml5


Thanks so much!

I will reach out to those who have access to our server files and see if they will add this.

Note: I tried it locally on my computer (I have set up a dupe locally since I don't have access to the Admin server...) and it worked great! 

Thanks so much again!

Jamie 🙂

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So it's about a year later now and the CSS/JS solutions are not working. Big surprise given the constant code updates.   Can anybody provide an *updated* solution to remove this icon/link?

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The CSS still works for me.

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@jerry_nguyen thank you for letting me know that. I guess its back to the drawing board for me to figure out why it is not working for our instance. 🙄

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