How to remove NEW "Download" Icon/link?

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Hello all you genius helpers!

Time-sensitive question:

A "new" icon/link for downloading embedded documents from a Canvas Page is suddenly appearing, and I am looking urgently to discover a way to disable or eliminate this item. We have copyright protected content we want students to view, but not download. (yes: they can find other more labor0inensive ways of copying content, but we don't want to make it quite so easy).

This is the icon/link I'd like very much to make go away:


We had come up with a way to hid download links and set an auto-open preview setting in HTML, but this is not working for this new icon and I can't get any info from Instructure on the source of this new "feature". Is it on their server? is there a setting in Admin we can control? No answers from instructure as of yet...

Many thanks in advance for help!


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