How to remove my FCE Training Card from my Dashboard?

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I cannot add another Module card to my Dashboard. My University put up the card that is currently up, and it is an FCE training card on how to use Canvas. The Current FCE Training Module has been completed, and it will not allow me to move forward and add another card to build my course. How to solve this problem? Also, the entire training Canvas module has been published.

When I hit the MOVE in the top right corner, It gives me no options; no options at all to execute any feature.


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Hi @CT7 

You can always add or remove course cards from your Dashboard. The following guide will get you there, How do I view my favorite courses in the Card View Dashboard as a student?

Essentially, you go to your Courses list, and star any course you want displayed on your dashboard, and deselect (un-star) any you don't want displayed.

I hope this is helpful,


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