How to see which students are in which groups in grouped discussions

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Screenshot (72).pngI have a discussion assignment where there are four articles linked, and I am breaking students up into groups of four where each student in a group is to be assigned one of the articles to read and summarize for their group members, who them must comment and ask questions.

So I have set up my class of 25 active (and several inactive) students into 6 groups, which should all have at least four students in them, and I am now seeing this (attaching a screenie) on the assignment page.

But I have some questions I really need to answer by class time this week!

1. How do I see which students are assigned to which groups? Clicking the group numbers does not give me this information.

2. How do I assign one of the four linked articles to one student within each group?

3. How can I hand delete student not currently active in the class from groups and even them out as needed, so each group has at least four currently active students?

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I got the answer to my own question from a fellow instructor in my own department. You have to use the people link.

It is not intuitive (at least to me)! I could have sat there all day without it occurring to me to go to the people link for subgroup creation for group assignments. I think it's because I've never done group assignments in canvas where I created subgroups before, so I only ever used the people tab to add individual wait listed students and to conclude non-participating students, and since the time of Covid, to peruse who hadn't been logging into Canvas recently.

After you select group assignments in the discussion assignment creation and select either automatically assign students to groups or check the "I'll create groups later" box, you have to go into the People link on your canvas page. There will be a tab with the name of the grouping category on it, and you click that and the student groups will be listed if you selected automatic group assignments, or there will be a list of all students registered in canvas for this course and the ability to assign sub-group names or numbers.

Once I found this, it was pretty intuitive to figure out how to set the subgroups.

As for assigning a specific article to each student within each four-person group I created, I saw no way to do this. I had to make a "reply" to each individual group of students in the discussion itself and list which student was assigned which link. It took a bit of time, but I copied a template and pasted it, only having to type the names of each student in each group.

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