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I've noticed on our Canvas that any hyperlinks typed in in the Rich Content Editor are practically indistinguishable from the normal colour font. Once Published our standard theme is applied, but it is when editing/producing content it's very difficult to determine if text is a link or not just by looking at it.

I have raised this with the 'Tier 1' Instructure support team and have had a pretty confused response (case number 08140733 for anyone following), but I wondered if others also saw this on their own setup?

I attach a screenshot, where interestingly the contrast appears mildly better than it actually is within the browser, maybe something around the fileformat of the screenshot.

Thanks, Will

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@willmoin -

I don't know about how your standard theme is applied to the pages - I guess it is set up such that you create a page and then something happens when it is viewd:  like a style file in Latex.  

In any case, you can always highlight the text making up the link and change the text color to whatever you want.  I do that all the time.  Of course I do not know what would happen if you saved it an then when back into edit it later - or how it would look after the standard theme is applied.

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