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Ideas for creating a Certificate of Completion

I understand the Certificate of Completion idea is currently under consideration, but was wondering if anyone has had success with using a free third party tool to generate a certificate, inside a Canvas course?  Our hope it to create a Module that students can only enter after completing a set of requirements, and inside the Module is an option to download a basic certificate that includes their name, credits, etc...  Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!  Thanks! 

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Hi  @jenny_hopf ‌,

Have you given any thought to Accredible, Badgr or Credly as options for third-party LTI's who offer badging/ certification capabilities. Might be worth taking a look if you haven't already had the chance! Smiley Happy badging digital badging certificates #certification

- Am

This shouldn't require 3rd party support, it should be built in. If Canvas is aimed as a complete learning tool, certificates are an obvious outcome.

Heck, moodle has a plugin freely available to do this that installs easily.

Hi  @dave_perry ‌,

Thanks for your feedback! There is an awesome Feature Request online at the moment which I think would be of interest to you:" modifiedtitle="true".... It would be fantastic if you could up-vote the idea, and provide any additional feedback in the comments section. The more support the better! Smiley Happy

- Am

Where do we go to see that and vote for this feature?



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We can use Google form/Quiz with Certify'em extension and share link here in our course, so the students can get certificate automatically as they submit the quiz. But I am not sure whether it is permitted on this platform or not.  

@akkaufmann I actually implemented this today and got it working. Really cool concept for doing this. Thanks for sharing.

I know this is a few years old, but I have one question...

Along with the name and course name, is it possible to also pull the module name? We have a course with safety training in it. Each module is a different safety video and quiz in itself and each one doesn't apply to everyone. So you might just be assigned two quizzes of the 12. And I'd like to generate a specific certificate for each module and print the module name on the cert.  I'll play around with the custom fields and PHP but was wondering if you knew a way.