If i remove pre-requisites to allow someone to jump ahead, and then reinstate them after, what happens?

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We've got many students enrolled in our course, and currently they need to complete all pages in each module, in order, before being able to move to the next.

We're hosting a workshop to help people complete some sections, but we need to open up the course (as in, remove all pre-requisites and the requirement to move in sequential order) so that we can jump in and out of relevant modules based on the workshop.

Following this day, we will reinstate the pre-requisites and the sequential order.

My question is... what happens to the students access? I assume they will have to go back to the earliest incomplete page to start progressing forward, but does their progress on later modules still get recorded? Are they able to navigate to those future pages again because they have the green tick, or would they need to progress through them in order when they get there?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @CatWhite 

If you removed the requirements and prerequisites and students moved through the modules at one point, they will have  access to those same modules after you put the restrictions back in place. If students never opened the modules or made progress while they were removed, you put them back in place, the students still will not have access to the modules once they're turned back on. There have been instances where module requirements get stuck and a work around to push a student through who technically should have access is a quick work round albeit rare. Hopefully this helps! 

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