Improper role for an enrollment

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Made a custom role called chair, when trying to do an import of enrollments, get this:

Improper role "chair" for an enrollment

Are certain permissions required for a role to be allowed to be used for enrollments?


shows that it has a base_role_type of TeacherEnrollment just like the Teacher role which I can enroll




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Custom roles are case sensitive when used in SIS import, built-in roles are not case sensitive when used in SIS import.  Go figure


Canvas Support (6/8/2023, 11:09:27 AM): I am going to reach out to our next level support. Since I am not finding anything wrong with your file
Canvas Support (6/8/2023, 11:15:36 AM): Okay, I just reached out, it should be just a few moments
Canvas Support (6/8/2023, 11:18:14 AM): Next level support says the name is Case Sensitive. In the file you have it as chair but in the roles it is listed as "Chair". Can you try re uploading it with the correct case sensitivity
Joshua (6/8/2023, 11:20:48 AM): Ok, but I also had "teacher" role in that file which is "Teacher" in Canvas and did not have an issue with it. Is it case sensitive for all roles?
Canvas Support (6/8/2023, 11:21:07 AM): I am checking on that. Can you try my suggestion for me while I look into it more for you?
Joshua (6/8/2023, 11:21:22 AM): ok, just a sec and I'll let you know
Canvas Support (6/8/2023, 11:21:25 AM): Case sensitivity is only for custom roles
Joshua (6/8/2023, 11:25:25 AM): Ok, it processed without errors. Thank you for the information.. It was helpful

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