In multiple answer-type questions, why is no partial credit given for correct answers?

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I've noticed with Canvas that when a student is presented with a multiple answer question that has several correct answers that the student must get them all correct in order to get the full points. No partial credit seems to be given for, let's say, one answer correct, one answer incorrect. In fact, in that scenario, the student gets penalized twice and is awarded 0 points -- he is penalized once for choosing an incorrect option and another time for NOT choosing the other correct option. If there are 3+ options that are correct and at least one correct one is selected by the student, there should be points awarded, not taken away, resulting in a zero for that question. 

In a brick and mortar classroom, the teacher would give partial credit for the one answer being one of the correct ones. Does Canvas have any plans to adjust the settings on the multiple answer options? 

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Hi  @dhstrickland ,

This is something that my teachers ask about all the time.  This is not possible currently but there are several feature request that are open for voting and hopefully will get implemented.

I suggest you vote:

Have a great day.

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