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Incomplete Course Logs

Site Admin here. Trying to generate a full course log of all activity by any/all users. When I access admin tools > logging and enter the course id the records listed are incredibly incomplete. In fact they only list activity for two of the six users. When I go to the course itself I can see all of the users have been active in the course. I also know that subcategory admins have been active in the course, despite them not having an official course level enrollment. So my questions are:

1. How do I see the most complete and accurate logs for all activity across all users for a course?

2. What is the cause of the lack of complete logs via admin tools > logging?


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Hi @tmorgan210,

Are you running the "User course access log" report?  If so, the first and last note of the report description may be pertinent here: "This report shows all the activity from users enrolled in all courses in a given term." "A maximum of one month's data will be retrieved. By default, it will return data from the beginning of the previous week."

Keeping those two notes in mind, the report will only show access form enrolled course-level users, not people with admin access who aren't enrolled i he course. It will also only include a month's worth of data, not an entire term or year.  For a fuller picture, you'd likely need to look into Canvas Data, which would give access to almost all data that exists in Canvas, though it is designed mroe for developers/data analysts so may not be the easiest thing to get started with.

Hope this helps a bit!