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Incorrect Grading


I am an instructor.

Canvas grades are incorrect when averaging.  Say the course grade is the average of 5 tests:  78.7%, 42.86%,90%,82.5%,68.42%.  When I average these numbers it comes to 72.5.  However Canvas shows it as 76.12%.  All of my grades are off....... What is going on?  


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Hi @VickiYoungs 

Did you design the course or was any of it shared with you? I'm wondering if there are weighted Assignment Groups that are affecting the calculation. Another possibility is that one (or more) of the tests is marked "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade" in the settings.

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I designed the course. We are using the free version-not sure if that matters.  I do not see any selection for not counting tests towards the final grade.  

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