Trouble Deleting a Course

Community Member

I am trying to understand the process that governs the deletion of courses.

When I send a course and section file to Canvas that contains a class that is to be deleted, then I expect that class to be deleted.  

It seems like that is usually what happens.  Sometimes however, the class doesn't get deleted.

For example, there was a class that was cancelled by the schedulers, so a delete request was made and was sent to canvas, but the class was not deleted.  I couldn't see anything different about the course that would prevent it from being deleted.  I tried to delete the course manually using the delete link from the settings, and then the course was deleted. On the other hand, if I resend to course/section files, the course is not deleted.

Is there something in a course that would prevent it from being deleted when the request is made using upload files?

Thanks in advance