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Is anyone using Teams for files location instead of OneDrive?

Because of the way our school operates, our courses may not be taught by the same instructor. We are going in to our 2nd year with O365 integrated with our Canvas and are exploring ways to embed our content (videos, PPoints....) in to our courses. The idea would to leverage the security of O365 to make sure our content doesn't easily end up on the YouTube and such and provide instructor flexibility to the Canvas course.  

Our Canvas portal is connected with O365 and we are able to embed PPTs from OneDrive and files within Teams. My questions is anyone using Teams for file management instead of OneDrive. If so, do you have any words of wisdom / caution? 

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Hello @rasman69 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas community.

I noticed that one one has commented on this post yet.

To be honest, I have not actually seen this method of file sharing being used, but it sounds like it would be totally fine to continue with. 

If I understand you correctly, you are going to be sharing files through MSTeams instead of utilizing the Canvas course file storage? One benefit to doing it that way is that the files you share through MSTeams are not taking up any room on course file storage quota.

I don't honestly think there would be any issue doing it this way. Hopefully some community members can shed some light on their experience with this practice.