Is is possible to drop the lowest scoring question for a student's quiz submission?

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I'm looking for an option to create a quiz (say 10 questions) and have the lowest score (like question #4) be dropped from the grade automatically. This could be in Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes. I know that the lowest quiz can be dropped, but is there a way to essentially do this within a single quiz for lowest scoring question?
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There is not an option in Canvas to drop the lowest scoring question. The best alternative option we have is to use fudge points to adjust the point value in a quiz.

How do I adjust the point value for an entire quiz using fudge points in SpeedGrader? 

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@IcedCoffeePlz @jboehly 

If you do go the way of fudge points - if that is even possible with what you are trying to do, I saw a post a few days ago talking about an easy-though some work required- way to add fudge points to all students quiz scores.  After scoring all the quizzes, export the gradebook.  Then in excel - perform the manipulation of the grade of adding whatever fudge points you want and change the score in excel to reflect that - i.e change the scores of all students by the fudge point amount.

Then import the modified grades into Canvas, and Canvas will automatically put the extra points into the fudge point categories.

If you need to drop the lowest question score, then you could do it with a lot more work by downloading the quiz results(go to the quiz, click on quiz statistics, run student analysis to get an excel file) in an excel file.  Then come up with the formula for determining which question to drop - or how to modify the score and then whatever else needs to be done to modify the actual score.  There would not be any indication of the score dropped to the student or to you - unless it is possible to modify the comments in the view I am thinking of (which it is not).     You would have to take the information from this download and use it to import new grades for the quiz into the gradebook.  If there is a way to import comments with a grade, that is something new that I do not know about.


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