Is it possible to add a "disclaimer" message before students enter class?

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I want students to see a brief disclaimer with a typed acknowledgement when they first enter class, but before they actually see the modules. Is this possible?

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@mas -

Yes it is.

Create a first module and put a quiz in it.  You then make the module require that students make a certain score on the quiz in order to proceed.  All of your other modules have as a prerequisite that the first module be completed.

I know the above is choppy, so here is a step by step

1) Create your first module, create a quiz with whatever questions you want answered in it.  For the quiz have the requirements be a question or questions and for each question assign it a point value(use T/F or M/C ).  For correct answers students get the points for wrong answers they get a comment of not answering the answer correctly they will not be able to proceed.  If you are worried about adding points from the quiz to their grade - make the questions worth 0.01 points each.

2) edit the module details - in particular select that the students have to complete the quiz with a score of say 3/3 if your questions on  the quiz add up to 3.

3) For all other modules (these must all be below the controlling module) you select the + Prerequisistes and select that controlling module

4) students cannot access the modules until they successfully pass the quiz in the top module.

Look at this manual page for some help on adding prerequisites:

this one for adding requirements :

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