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Is it possible to autogenerate sitemaps in Canvas

Is there a way to autogenerate sitemaps with different layout options in Canvas? 
This would be a really great function when using project sites etc.!

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Hello, I don't have a solution but I agree that this would be a great feature!

Community Coach
Community Coach

@gwretling and @c_murphy ...

To my knowledge, Canvas does not have anything built in to the interface that would generate any kind of sitemap displaying the structure of your course.  This might be a great opportunity to submit a Feature Idea here in the Community, however.  Then, you could see if other people here in the Community would also like to see such a feature included in Canvas.  Here are a few helpful documents to get you started on the Feature Idea creation process:

Sorry that I didn't have a better answer for you, but hopefully a new Feature Idea will be a starting point for you.  Good luck!