Is it possible to autosave rubric scores and comments in speedgrader?

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This may be a feature request: Is it possible to autosave rubric scores and comments in speedgrader? This has happened to me a few times where I am grading an assignment with a rubric that has say 4 or 5 criteria and lose my data.

Scenario 1

I'm at criteria 4 or 5 in a rubric and then I have to stop work (say for an appointment). If I save the incomplete rubric, the student sees an incomplete score, which often leads to anxiety and questions. It would be nice to be able to save an incomplete rubric for later completion and submission.

Scenario 2

This happened today: I'm at criteria 4 or 5 and then I accidentally click a button/key that moves me to a new assignment. (I don't know what I clicked or how it happened). If I navigate back to the original assignment, all my prior comments in the rubric are lost.

Either of the above problems could be avoided with an autosave or manual save option in rubrics that allows the user to save and keep working on the rubric without submitting a score to the student.

Thanks for considering my question/request.

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Hello @AkwasiOpoku-Dak

Yes, this has been requested before:

This should have been addressed already and was deployed per Canvas' notes here:

However, it appears that the change was made with a warning when leaving the rubric and not necessarily the auto-save like you have explained. Feel free to upvote those ideas as Canvas implements great ideas such as this that are found within the community.

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