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Is it possible to create a quiz to be taken as a group assignment?

From experience & this forum, I see there is really no straightforward way to assign a quiz to a student group - I'd really love to see that capability, though.

Has anyone tried creating a goup assignment then including a link to the quiz in the assignment?  I wonder, when the quiz is taken, how does Canvas record the grade?  Is it only recorded for the person whose account was used by the group to take the quiz or do all group members get credit?

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I can't really envision a group of students taking something like a multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, or true-false quiz as a group, and not individually. It seems like a very confusing endeavor - both to set up as an instructor, and for students to do as a group.

Are these students taking the class in a face-to-face setting or remotely?

Why not just create a collaborative group assignment?

Students take a quiz individually and submit it.  They then collaborate on it in teams - they seem to learn more from that than just going over the quiz in class. 

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How would you envision them collaborating on the quiz once they've already taken it individually? Can you explain more?

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This explains it better than I coud - https://teach.its.uiowa.edu/book/export/html/662

I've been using a paper group quiz, but it would be great if I could do it in Canvas.

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