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Is it possible to create buttons on a homepage in one course that link to other courses? If so how?


I'm teaching K-5 virtually this year. Right now, my school has set me up with a virtual homepage, and I have created buttons labeled K-5. I'd like each button to link to a separate kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, etc course that has already been created. 

Is this possible? I know you can link buttons to pages within the same course, but I need it to link to a different course altogether. We were told by our "customer service rep" that it was possible. 


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @hneidigh  -

This is possible, yes! 🙂

When you have the images on the page, click on it, then find the link icon in the Rich Content Editor or press CTRL+K to open a box where you can paste in the URL to the "branch out" course. Students and observers will only have access to their correct grade-levels!

After you give it a try, please reply. It would be great to hear how everything works out for you. Feel free to bring your follow-up questions too. Good luck!

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After linking the URL to a different course within my homeroom, it allows me to access the link. However, when I am in "student view" it says "access denied." Is there a separate course URL I need to copy for my student. 

*Note: I do not have any students actually enrolled in my courses yet - waiting on my institution to do that

Thank you for your help!

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