Is the Question Bank selection when importing QTI's broken?

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When importing a Classic Quiz QTI, the is a drop-down menu for "Default Question bank". No selection I make here has any effect on what bank the questions are put into. Leaving it blank, selecting "create new question bank", and selecting an existing bank all result in a new bank being created with the quiz's name. Is this functionality simply broken, or is there something I am doing wrong?

I attached a video demonstrating this. Sorry for the potato video quality, Canvas has a 5MB file limit.

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Hi @twilde!

I know this is inconvenient, I apologize. Unfortunately this feature may not be working as intended. The rest of the bad news is that since classic quizzes (and question banks) are going away in the future, the Instructure engineering team is focused on developing New Quizzes and you are more than likely not going to see that issue corrected. The work around I can suggest would just be to move the questions to the desired question bank and delete the one that was created afterwards.

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