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Is there a size/minute limit to audio comments?

I am curious if there is a maximum length that an audio comment can be within the speedgrader? Haven't been able to find an answer in the admin guides.

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Hello @LindseyIrizarry 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! I was able to look into this question for quite a while today. Here is what I found: 

Canvas does not really list anything specific about the size/minute limits for audio comments in Speedgrader on any of their guides. 

  • HERE they list Media (Audio/video) files can only be up to 500 MB. HERE they list that If a file exceeds the 500 MB limit, you can host the file through an external source such as YouTube, as an example. Unfortunately file size upload limits cannot be modified as you can with course storage quotas. 
  • I know that with the Rich content editor, media under 15 minutes is recommended because longer media recordings require more time to render and may be interrupted without a stable internet connection.

I would assume that smaller audio files (15 minutes and under) would be more ideal as the browser has to process, render, and convert it. Stable internet connection also plays a role in this. 


Hopefully this helps!