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Issue with styling links as result of new External Link Icon design

I noticed an issue in the styling of some of the buttons on our canvas community.

I believe this is a result of the update to the external link icon. I can't seem to fix it though.

I've tried text-decoration: none in the css styling but this didn't solve the issue either.

I've attached a couple of images to show the code and what it is doing.

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I also have this question - when I went to chat help they told me it came with an update 3-4 weeks ago but I hate it - it's really messy and it's showing up on my Canvas modules as miles above the actual link too. Bright blue text is plenty to show it's an an external link - icons are not necessary it's a real distractor.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@blakemacnelly and @r_edmonds ...

Have you considered maybe creating some simple button images instead of using HTML code to create those buttons?  You could design your buttons pretty easily in the Windows Paint app, or you could go to a button-making website such as Make Free Buttons and Banners with Online Web Button Maker Tool ( or Da Button Factory - Free CTA Button Generator (  Then, you can insert and re-use those buttons on any of your pages, create links to them, etc.  Just make sure that you are adding the "alt" text for screen readers.

Just a thought...for what it's worth.

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