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I am using SpeedGrader to grade an Assignment with PDF submissions, using a rubric. On each paper, I have to click View Rubric, and then select the appropriate Marks for the various criteria, and then Save to update the student's grade, which closes the view of the rubric. Then I move to the next student's submission and I have to again click View Rubric.

Is there any way I can make the rubric view stay open so I don't have to click View Rubric each time? Why must it close when I click Save?

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Yes there is.  It is from a browser java script addition that was written by James - Called QuizWiz.

It can be found on his canvancement page:

The direct link to quizWiz is:

you will have to install tampermonkey and then add in the quiz wiz version you want (rubrics)-

make sure you read through everything with quiz wiz.  Installation is simple.

There are other canvancements that you will want to consider/look at as well.  ONce you use quizwiz, you will never want to be without it.

This works on chrome and other browsers mentioned by James, but may not work on all browsers.


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