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My kids in my class are making their own group chats on my Canvas class.  how do I delete them and make it so kids can't make groups on it?

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Hi there @Stormshadow. This is a bit tricky to answer since I'm not certain exactly what you are referring to since Groups in Canvas is a very specific thing that might not be what you are referring to- if your Canvas course has Groups created in the People tab. In Groups in a Canvas course, there is no Chat option available. Are students creating discussion boards within their Groups? If so, you can toggle off the ability for students to create their own Discussions. Go to the Discussions area of the course (not within one of your Groups) and select the gear icon in the upper right, then unselect the option to let students create discussion topics and save it.


Screenshot 2024-04-29 105726.png

Now, if you are just referring to students talking to each other through their Canvas inbox, that is not something you can remove the option for. Additionally, you cannot delete those conversations either. The Canvas inbox messaging system is not specific to a class, but to Canvas overall, so you will not be able to make any changes there. 

But, you could be referring to something else entirely! It would be helpful if you could send a screenshot of where exactly you are seeing your students group chats in Canvas to help us understand what you are referring to.

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