Limiting the Canvas Backdoor Login after SSO

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I am an Instructional Designer and Canvas Admin at a College. We just enabled SSO through MS Azure/Entra, and the /login/canvas "Backdoor Login" remains. I like that for admins, but is there a way to restrict which users can sign into [domain] to just admins?

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Hi @Beehive,

I don't know of a switch to limit that login to admins only, but someone else may know different.

The method we use is to associate our users with our specific SAML login provider id in our SIS files, so they can only log in through that provider (not the Canvas auth).  You can find info about this at SIS Import Format Documentation - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ( (see the authentication_provider_id option under the users.csv file).  Might that wok for you?


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