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I usually structure my Canvas course so that the home page is a schedule in table format, with the assignments for each day linked on the page. 

In the Fall I have a single Canvas course with multiple sections of the same class, and a TA to supervise each section. The TAs will be making their own mini-lecture videos in Panopto--is there a way to link them on the home page so that the students in each section can click the same link and get to the video made by their assigned GTA?

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You cannot have one link to go to multiple places without programming involved. That means that there is no native support within Canvas for this.

One thing you could do is to use the Syllabus page as the home page. It contains a list of the assignments that each student is assigned by due date. For each section, you would create differentiated assignments with no submission (instead of content pages) that holds the section-specific content and assign it to just that section. You would need to duplicate this process for each section.

MasteryPaths could be used to take them down a specific path and show one list or another, but not if you are using a content page as the homepage. Even then, I wouldn't recommend this approach.

An easier approach would be to add a buttons or other links to the home page for "Section 1" and "Section 2". Those links would take them a list for the section-specific information. They would still have access to the other section's information. That is not necessarily a bad thing, you may find that they prefer the videos of a different TA than their own or that they like to watch multiple videos to help understand it better.

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