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List of resources with progress

How can you create a list of resources, including videos, elearns (scorm files) and readings for students? It would be helpful for students to see their progress of which one they have completed. 

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I recommend setting up Module Requirements. 

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the module's name, and then "Edit." Then select "Students Must Complete all of These Requirements." Then you're going to bring up each item one by one. I recommend choosing "Mark as Done" instead of "View" for your Pages.

Now, your students will have to check "Mark as Done" once they have finished reading a Page. They will see a green checkmark next to each item in the Module. Once they have completed every item, they will see a green circle next to the Module name.

On your end, you will now see a rectangular box at the top of Modules that says "View Progress." Here, you can see each student's progress through your Modules.

Besides Pages, I've also set up Module Requirements for all of my course Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes. For those, I select "Submit the Assignment" so that students are actually turning in work.


Setting up Module Requirements has been a game changer for me and my students.



Thanks SusanNiemeyer
I really appreciate your reply and will try it out. I am new to Canvas and your detailed reply has really helped me. 

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