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Lost Grades

I'm not sure what I did but a lot of my students grades are now showing as missing in Canvas.  I noticed one assignment was not set up to sync to Infinite Campus so I changed that setting and synced but many grades are now showing as missing.  The only other thing I did was I noticed I had imported my course content twice from my sandbox into my courses and deleted the duplicate courses.  None of those duplicate courses were published.  I did look at gradebook history but I do not see any prior grades.

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Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! 

There are a few things that might need to checked on this if it is still happening. Further troubleshooting might need to be performed to really nail down what really caused this to happen. 

  • If the scores are missing for the students, it might be an issue with the way it is assigned currently. Is it assigned to everyone? Or is it assigned to a specific student(s)? If so, you can simply add a new availability block for 'Everyone' in the course and assign them the original due date. 
  • It could be that the assignment was overwritten. Canvas is a little unforgiving when it comes to this....I've learned this the hard way. It will typically happen if you import the same content into a course more than once. 

It might be best to submit a ticket to canvas support to figure out what might have happened. They will need some specific information, such as a link to the assignment in question and any details surrounding what happened leading up to when the scores went missing. 

Hopefully this helps a little bit!