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Lost homework and quizzes

The student interaction report shows , the students haven't even been ion the page. 

Module Progress tab  for the students: All are completed , but no sign of the work  uploaded or grades 

I have been reading how to retrieve lost home work by a few ways:

1. By going to People tab, De activate user then reactivate the student. - Didn't help.

2. Something like // - Didn't help

Any more suggestions would be appreciated. 







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Community Team

Hello @Surgtech808 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. Can you clarify what you are trying to do? Is it that the student interactions report doesn't match the students' progress within the course? Or that the student submissions and grades have all been removed? If it is the interactions report, here is how to view it:

If it is that all of the submissions and grades  have been removed - it may be due to your school settings. Some schools (especially K12) will close grading periods and remove old content. However, that shouldn't be happening while you are in the middle of the course. Have you spoken with anyone at your school yet about this? Any more details would help us pinpoint the source of the issue.