Lost submission on canvas, could I find web data to prove submission?

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Hello, I submitted an assignment on canvas before a due data and all seemed normal. I checked a few days later and it said 'missing' but my assignment pdf was showing up as an attempt so I thought it was just some sort of simple glitch. Now that the assignment has been graded I receiving a zero, apparently no record of my submission came through even though I 100% did submit (people even saw me do it). I am searching for proof that I did submit and was wondering what has happened and if I could find any web data saved to canvas or chrome that could help me prove the submission. Thank you, i really need help here.

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Community Coach

Hi @student102 ...

Canvas Community members won't have access to your school's Canvas environment or any of your courses in order to help troubleshoot this much.  Have you been able to reach out to your instructor directly to see if he/she has received your assignment submission?  Everything should be date and time stamped, so your instructor would know exactly when it was submitted.  You could reach out to your instructor following the steps in: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?.  Also, you might want to reach out to your school's Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Education team to see if they might be able to investigate this more than we could here in the Community.

Hoping that these suggestions will be of some help to you...good luck!

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Hi @student102 , @Chris_Hofer gives sound advice.

  • Is it possible that you uploaded to an alternative assignment ? We often see data to confirm that students 'remembered' the wrong submission.
  • normally if you uploaded a file you should also see that file within your personal files folder / submissions (via your profile) - I would check there as a start..
  • we observe that some of our students attempting to upload from O365 receive a submission receipt when in fact only an O365 html link file has been uploaded - you should still see this in your personal profile files area - you might check with your instructor whether they received nothing at all, or an empty file
    • If submission is to Turnitin, some files cannot be passed through by Canvas - if your instructor is grading through Turnitin rather than Speedgrader, they may not 'see' such a file and assume it is a non-submission - the file will show as [Resubmit to Turnitin]
  • Your IT support will have access to your time stamped user logs, and normally there is a clear indication when you have uploaded as opposed to viewed an assignment - you could ask them for a download of what they see to check against your experience
  • We have experienced at least one well documented instance where a student undertook a quiz, took photographs at each stage, but we have no evidence on the data side that those interactions took place

Good luck !

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