MC question where multiple answers can be marked as correct and no matter what the student chooses they get full points (NOT partial points)

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To add to this question, How do you create a multiple choice question where the instructor is able to mark all of the answers as correct.  The student then is able to select just one answer and receive full credit OR they can answer whichever responses apply to them and still receive full credit.  For example, in my health class I might have the question:  Do you get your blood pressure checked regularly?  A) yes B) no

The student can answer either one (both answers are correct) and they get full credit.....OR

I might ask the question:  What is your target heart rate for 60%?  A) 120-125 B) 126-130 C) 131-135 D) 136-140 

Again, all answers are marked as correct by the teacher so no matter what choice the student selects they get full credit.

CAN THIS BE DONE IN CANVAS?  I do NOT want a survey question.  The MC questions need to be automatically graded.

I teach at 3 different colleges and they use Moodle, Brightspace and D2L.  All 3 of these programs do it but I can't figure out how to get Canvas to do what seems to be a standard for the other programs?

I'd love for the engineers to fix this!!!!