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export a rubric

Hi. I noticed when I tried to do a canvas course export my rubrics did not transfer. Is there a way to export the rubrics that I have created? I have already done a canvas export package. The assignment is there but no rubric.

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Hi there, @EmilyGarrison ...

If you are using the instructions given in How do I export a Canvas course? to export your course, you should be getting a file with a *.imscc file extension.  You can then change that file extension to *.zip and unzip the file (if you want).  If you view the contents of that file, you should find a "course_settings" folder.  In this folder, there should be a "rubrics.xml" file in there.  This is where all of your rubrics are stored.

Is this what you were looking for?  Something else?  I'm not sure I've completely understood your question, so if you can come back to this thread to provide some more info, that would be great...thanks!

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I always recommend that instructors IMPORT materials into new course shells. Start with the new (destination) course. You can import the entire course or selected content. In this case, I would recommend that you choose the option to import "selected content." Then you can choose to import all of your rubrics or just the ones you need.