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At the beginning of a new school year, I bulk import parents into Canvas.  I need to know which parents are already in Canvas.  The only information in Canvas that matches the information we have on our parents is their email.  When I run Canvas reports about observers, I can only find a listing of the Observer ID.  

My question:  Is there a way, or can a report be created, that creates a spreadsheet of all observers, their emails & ID numbers, and the last time they logged in?  Adding the email would be extremely helpful.

I did find a very time-consuming workaround by copying and pasting from the People button.  I had to copy and paste each page (of 168 pages) into a spreadsheet.  I then had the list I wanted; however, there must be a quicker way to get the same information in a Canvas Admin report.




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Hello @lgibson3 

I understand that you are trying to locate a report that would give you a list of observers, their emails & ID numbers, and the last time they logged in. 

  • There is an option in the provisioning type reports called User Observer CSV. This type of report will give you the Canvas_observer_ID, Observer_ID, Canvas Student_ID, Studnet_ID Status, and Created_by_SIS information. You can also include deleted objects with that type of report. which is helpful for seeing if the account existed at some point, but is deleted. However, one problem is that It does not include information on the last time that they logged in. 
  • The only option for finding information on when they last logged in would be to run a report for Last Users Access. The Last User Access report shows the last login for active users. The endpoint used for the most recent access date and time is updated every 10 minutes. The date and time displayed in the report will reflect the time the endpoint was updated and may differ from the exact time the user accessed Canvas. Unfortunately you cannot filter by just the Observer role for this type of report. 
  • Another option for finding their login and logout activity would be in the Admin Tools. However this would only allow you to view this for one user at a time. I am including THIS guide for that option just for posterity. 

Hopefully this helps a bit more! 


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