Minimal draft status indicator for comments in Speed Grader is still inadequate

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Has anyone ever seen an issue get addressed as a result of using a form like this? Every time I have an issue with the Canvas interface, I find a years-old post that clearly identifies the problem and proposes a simple solution, that by all appearances has gone completely ignored by anyone at Instructure who could do anything about it...

I learned today that a bunch of students in my class haven't been getting feedback on their assignments; turns out the TA didn't realize they weren't submitting comments properly... because a comment's draft status is indicated by a tiny red asterisk. Wouldn't you know it: '[SpeedGrader] Replace tiny asterisk with "DRAFT" for draft comments in SpeedGrader' identified this problem in 2020, with multiple commenters echoing their agreement and frustration... yet here we are.

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Since that idea was posted that you linked, @SamuelNordli , the SpeedGrader interface has added a warning about an unposted comment and also added a Submit button next to the unposted comment so that graders, whether they be TA or Teacher, can see that a comment has not yet been provided to students:

How do I leave feedback comments for student submissions in SpeedGrader | View Unposted Comment War...

Thank you for pointing out that the idea's status does not reflect this update to the interface.

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