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Module Order - Change Default?

When I add a new module, the default setting automatically places it at the bottom of the course. If I want the new module at the top of the screen for my students, I have to manually drag it to the top of the page. Is there a way to change the default setting to have the newest modules at the top?

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@ssuerth ...

I can see how this would be frustrating.  There is an existing Feature Idea located at:

Add new module items directly at intended location

This seems to be similar to what you are asking for in Canvas.  Right now, the entire Feature Idea process is being temporarily halted until the beginning of February.  So, if you can hang on for a little bit longer, then the Feature Idea process will re-open after Instructure does some work on their end...which you can read more about here: Idea Conversations: The Path Forward.

I know this might not be the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps to answer your question.

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Until that Feature Idea is implemented, I would suggest that you click on the three dots to the right of the module name when you move the module. There, you can select the location without manually dragging the module all over the place.