Module - publish items in an unpublished module

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Module - publish items in an unpublished module

I recently noticed that I am unable to unpublish a module while leaving the items published.

The function to publish/unpublish an item is the priority, meaning if an item is unpublished in one module, it is unpublished in all modules regardless if the module is published.

I have resources and assignments in multiple modules.
Some modules need to remain unpublished, but I need the items published in other modules.

There should be a 4th option: 
Unpublish module and publish all items.

I read in a post that the reason for this update, the "bulk" published/unpublished was to eliminate having to click each item when publishing or unpublishing a module. Great update.
However, the implemented update seems to have reversed the process, creating a new issue.

Now it is the opposite - "unpublish module and all items" 
After unpublishing a module, I have to go back and publish all items so they are available in the other modules.

Please add an additional option, "Unpublish module only" -- unpublish the module, but leave the items published.

Please see screen shots. 

Canvas-Modules-Publish_assignments.png: shows items included in multiple modules
Canvas-Modules-Publish_module-02.png: unpub items in unpub module
Canvas-Modules-Publish_module-03.png: items are unpub in all other modules. 

Thank you,

MC Chauvin


I found a work around for this that is actually easier.

Unpublish module and all items - then go to Pages, Assignments, Quizzes and publish what I currently need, and I only had to select each item once, rather than in every unpublished module. The modules stay unpublished, and only the items I selected are published. 

This is easier and quicker than pub/unpub per module.


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@mcchauvi ...

After reading through your posting, I think you'd want to post this as an Idea here in the Community...which is different than posting a question (which is where you posted this).  You can start this process by going to this link:

Canvas Ideas and Themes - Instructure Community (

In addition, I highly recommend reading through the section on "Ideas and Themes" located at:

Community - Instructure Community (

These Guides will take you through the Idea process and how to submit a new Idea here in the Community.

I hope this will be of help to you!

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RE: Unpublish Module Only

Thank you for including this option for modules, it is a major time-saver!



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