Module with a required quiz shows as completed while the quiz is still locked

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I have a module which has as its requirement for students to get a minimum grade on a quiz.  This quiz is locked by a Mastery Path until the student gets a minimum grade on at least one of 2 previous quizzes in the module.  However, while that required quiz is locked, the module shows as Completed and the following module, which has this module as a prerequisite, is available.  After unlocking the required quiz by passing one of the previous quizzes, the module becomes uncompleted, but the following module remains available.  If I remove the required quiz from the Mastery Path entirely and thus unlock it beforehand, the module no longer shows as Completed and the following module correctly becomes unavailable.  

Is this behavior intended?  It doesn't make sense that a quiz would stop counting toward module completion while it is still locked.