More than one Assignment Page to handle a large number of assignments

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In my Canvas course I have posted over 350 assignments.  

Because of the large number of assignments, it takes ~20 or 30 seconds for the Canvas Assignment Page to load and the page is unresponsive until it loads completely. Some assignments only take the students a few minutes to do. When they complete an assignment,\ and return to the list of assignments, it takes another 20 or 30 second for page to load again. That repetitive delay is enough time to get distracted, which I want to avoid. 

On the Assignments Page, I use groups to organize the assignments, but these groups do not decrease the loading time required. Is it possible to have more than one Assignment Page so that I can organize the assignments in a way that would decrease loading times?



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Community Coach

Hi @CurtisPro 

There isn't an option to create multiple Assignments areas.  However, it might help to think of the Assignments area is a place for you, the instructor, to manage the assignments.  You do not have to send students to the Assignments area to access their assignments.  

You can use multiple Pages or Modules to link to individual assignments as students need them, and not show the Assignments area to students at all in the course menu.

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