Moving a Subaccount to a New Parent

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Is it possible to move a subaccount, that contains courses, from one parent to another?

We have a Drafting subaccount under our Technical account but need to move Drafting so that it appears under our Business Education account. My inclination is to upload an CSV listing the Drafting subaccount with the new (Business Education) SIS ID in the parent field. Will this move the existing Drafting subaccount to the new parent or create a conflict and cause our installation to melt through the floor?

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Hi Eric,

You can't move a #sub-account‌ from one parent sub-account to another, but what you can do is create a Drafting sub-account under your Business Education sub-account and then you can use a CSV file to move the course from the old sub-account to the new sub-account without causing any harm to anything. 

I would recommend you testing this out in your test and beta environments prior to running it in production. 

Hope this helps. 

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