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Multiple Answer Question in New Quizzes

Can we get rid of the penalty for multiple answer questions. If my students choose 2 of the 3 correct answers, I would like them to earn 2 out of 3 points. Right now if my students choose 2 right and 1 wrong answer, they earn 1 out of 3 points.

They should not be in better shape for only choosing 2 answers when they're told to choose 3. 
When my students choose 2 correct answers and one wrong answer, I want them to earn 2 out of 3 points, not 1 out of 3.
The current system lets me choose all or nothing points for multiple answer questions or partial credit with a penalty. I don't want the penalty.
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @stodd1 

I think that I understand what you are saying, but the issue with having no penalty on a Multiple Answer question is that students can simply select all the possible answers to the question and be given full credit.

How would you propose grading be handled to account for that?