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Multiple Fill in the Blanks, Yet Only One Option

I'm trying to use the new quiz feature option instead of the classic. 

I'm creating a test where students will write one word per question. I'm using the fill-in-the-blank option. For example. 1. apple, 2. peach, 3. banana, etc. However, when I create multiple questions, the answers boxes (for all questions) are showing up in one question instead of in each individual question. It is also this way when previewed as a student. How can I fix this? 

Attached shows my problem specifically. The answer for number two is "hat" and the answer for number three is "2 years ago." They each have their own question, yet "2 years ago" (number 3) is in number 2's question also. It also shows up like that when editing and when previewing (also attached)

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Hello @AddieWatson 

I apologize you are having trouble with our Fill In The Blank type questions. I was able to look into this for you. 

I'm not exactly clear on your examples you provided in the screenshots. With Fill In The Blank question on New Quizzes, the answer for the question you are setting up should be surrounded in backticks or ( ` or `Two Years Ago`). You would essentially type the question you are asking students into the Question stem. For example, in backticks, you would type your answer `Two years Ago` and you would have a question typed in before or after the back ticks. 

HERE is a screenshot I took from my sandbox to demonstrate a question being asked to the students. HERE is what the question would look like when they take the quiz. 

I believe that you are not setting up the question correctly, which might be adding to some confusion. HERE is the new Quizzes guide on creating Fill In The Blank Questions on New Quizzes. 


Hopefully this helps!