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So, like many schools, ours is experiencing a shortage of teachers and subs.  There is a member of my time who is out for an undetermined amount of time, so another member of the team and I were assigned half of her classes each - split down the middle.  We were granted access to the Canvas courses of the missing member.

Is there any way to assign things to just a chunk of students in a class OTHER than the group assignment function?  I tried that, not realizing one person was submitting for the group - which is needlessly complicated.  

I am hoping to avoid having to input all the students individually on every assignment.  Really, I want to send work to a group but make sure each student submits their own things.

Hope this makes sense.  Thanks for any input!

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Hi @MPiatak,

Ideally it sounds like you need 2 different sections in your course (one for your students and one for the other teacher's students).  You can see the How do I add a section to a course as an instructor guide for information on doing this.  While that guide is for instructors, I will say that many schools only let administrators modify section information, so you may need to reach out to your local Canvas support personnel to see if they'd be willing to create the sections for you.  Your admins may say no based on the way they have Canvas and your school's student information system syncing together, but that would be your best shot.

If you get the sections created and populated with the right students, you could assign things to just your section of the course using the "assign to" box at the bottom of the assignment/quiz (remove the "everyone" and replace it with just the section of your students).  Canvas will warn you when you only assign something to one section and not the rest of the students in the course, but since you'd be doing it intentionally you could ignore the warning.

Hope this helps!


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