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Multiple correct answers for a multiple choice quiz?

Is there a way to make multiple answers correct in a multiple choice question?  I accidentally gave two correct answers and two incorrect, but I can only seem to allow one at a time for full credit.

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Yes, it seems that you are able to do this by using the "Vary Points by Answer" option when creating multiple choice quizzes.  You just need to divide the total amount of points for the question by the number of correct answers.  Is this what you are looking for? 


Thanks for the reply! I have already created the quiz, and the students have already taken it. I noted after that I gave two correct answers in one question. I honestly don't see the "Vary Points by Answer" option anywhere. Does it have to be used when creating the quiz, because it is already done. Thanks for the help!

Ryan J. R. McCleary

Visiting Instructor

Department of Integrative Biology

University of South Florida

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OK  @ryanmccleary ‌, now you are challenging me to do something I have never done before!  I am working on it now and will let you know as soon as I am done.  I hope I am correct!  (Insert foot in mouth here, LOL)

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Yes, so the "Vary points by Answer" appears when you are actually building the quiz (see below). You can have several correct answers listed.  However, the students can only select ONE correct answer.  


What might help you more in the future is the "Multiple Answer" type of question.  I completely forgot that this existed!

How do I create a Multiple Answer question in New Quizzes?  


Community Team
Community Team

 @ryanmccleary  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

In case this turns out to be a source of confusion, Canvas currently has two separate quiz tools, and rpsimon‌ is providing instructions for the Multiple Answers question type in New Quizzes. If you're using Classic (Old) Quizzes, you won't see the ability to vary points by answer; it was developed expressly for the new quiz tool.

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It looks like a student must select all "correct" choices to get this type of question correct.

I was hoping to make any one of multiple answers be correct answers. (It's a poll question, so there is no "wrong" answer.)

Is there a solution to the previous question? In New Quizzes I see how I can vary points and create a question with multiple correct answers, but I would like my students to just have to pick one of the correct answers to get full points. Anyone figured this out?? 

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Same.  I need multiple answers to be correct but only have the students choose one of the correct  answers.

Same. There are answers that I need to consider when originally I thought that there was only one correct answers among my choices. This option should be made available to "Multiple Answers" question types to not force students to check all.